Module 1, Introductory German 11, version 02 (JBG11A2) **

Section 1:Greetings and personal information; European German-speaking countries; Cardinal numbers 1-20; Verb conjugation (singular); Interrogative form; Definitearticle (dative)
Section 2:Family and pets; Verb conjugation (plural); Indefinite article; Kein; Demonstrative pronoun
Section 3:Hobbies, music, and other youth activities; Weak verbs ending in -eln; Talking about yourself, your family, pets; Haben + accusative
Section 4:Buildings and places; Asking for, understanding, and giving directions; Polite conventions; Definite article (singular); Ordinalnumbers 1-3
Section 5:Asking for, understanding, and giving directions to places in a town; Asking for information about a town; Prepositions with dative and accusative; Personal pronouns; Definite article (dative singular)
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