Module 2, Introductory German 11, version 02 (JBG11B2) **

Section 1:German currencies; Cardinal numbers 20-999; Money; The post office; The 24-hour clock; Definite article; Fur + accusative; Separable verbs; Perfect tense
Section 2:Store items and their cost; Expressing desire or intention; Reflexive verbs; Perfect tense; Modal verb 'wollen'; Revision: personal pronouns; Accusative; Hobbies
Section 3:Ordering food and drinks; The 12-hour clock; Einmal, zweimal; Masculine and feminine nouns; Possessive adjectives
Section 4:Buying and cancelling tickets in Germany; Transportation, bus or subway stops; An, in, auf + dative; Konnen; Word order with modal verbs; Zum/zur
Section 5:Travel to school; Weather; Gehen and fahren; Accusative with time; Wenn-sentence; Word order
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