Module 3, Introductory German 11, version 02 (JBG11C2) **

Section 1:Asking for information; Buying tickets; Interpreting a timetable in a railway station; Bitten um, warten auf + accusative; Samstags, etc.; Am + part ofthe day, separable verbs; Word order; Definite article; Revision: numbers, times, travel enquiries
Section 2:Dates; Writing to a youth hostel; Dative and accusative with dates; Verbs using 'zu'; Possessive adjectives;Perfect tense; Revision: the Lander; Dates; Accusative case
Section 3:Booking into a youth hostel; Nach + dative; Nach oben (unten); Revision: personal pronoun
Section 4:Informing someone of the time and place of arrival; Asking to be picked up; Greeting and introducing; Welcoming guests; Asking and expressing wishes; Letter writing conventions; Accusative with time; Possessive adjectives; Reflexive verbs; Schreiben an, sich freuen auf + accusative; Revision: talking about your family; Greeting; mochten
Section 5:Your own and other people's trips; Perfect tense
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