Module 4, Introductory German 11, version 02 (JBG11D2) **

Section 1:Foods and meals; Shopping; Use and conjugation of modal verbs mogen, mochten and durfen; Um...zu; Accusative pronoun
Section 2:Minor ailments and what to do about them; Seit + dative; Indirect object pronouns; Revision: perfect tense
Section 3:Using a public phone; Telephone conventions; Negotiating time and place to meet; Revision: buildings and places in a town; Accusative definite article; Time; Reflexive verbs
Section 4:Expressing a wish or a preference; Reading and understanding public information; Accusative with motion; Revision: places in a town; Accusative
Section 5:Describing how you spent your time; Perfect tense; Revision: times; Travel; Weather
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