Module 1, Introductory Spanish 11, version 02 (JBS11A2) **

Section 1:Greetings; Vowel sounds; Forms of address; Accents; Gender; Omitting pronoun subjects; Reflexive verbs; Usted; Interrogative; Pronunciation
Section 2:Estar; Ser; Nouns; Adjectives of nationality; Negative form of verbs; Definite article
Section 3:Indefinite article; Possession; Possessive adjec-tives; Del; Tener; Interrogative of verbs; Numbers 1-20
Section 4:Hay; Adjectives; Adjectives pronouns; Irregular comparative forms
Section 5:Querer; Present tense of regular verbs
Section 6:Ir; Dar; Hacer; Weather expressions; Saber/ conocer; Decir; Oir; Salir
Section 7:Interrogatives; Personal a; Tener; Time
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