Module 3, Chemistry 11, version 05 (JCH11C5) **

Section 1:Atomic Mass; The Mole; Mole Calculations; Experiment-Mass, Moles and the Number of Atoms; Molar Volume
Section 2:Molar Mass of a Compound; Mole Calculations; Percent Composition; Determining a Formula from Percent Composition; Empirical and Molecular Formulas; Experimental Determination of Emperical Formulas
Section 3:Solids, Liquids and Gases; Describing Chemical Changes; Balancing Equations; Types of Reactions; Energy and Chemical Reactions
Section 4:Interpreting Equations-Stoichiometry; Limiting and Excess Reagents
Section 5:Solutions; Polar and Non-Polar Solutions; Molar Concentration; Preparing Standard Solutions; Dilution; Calculations Involving Balanced Equations and Solutions; Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes; Ion Concentrations; Acids, Bases, and Salts
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