Module 2, Composition 11, version 02 (JCM11B2) **

Paper 7:Making subject and verb agree; Compound subject and verb agreement; Special types of subject and verb agreement; Pronouns as subjects; Pronouns as objects
Paper 8:Using indefinite pronouns correctly; Making pronoun and antecedent agree; Writing business letters; Letters of inquiry, reply, and thanks; Study skills
Paper 9:Developing vocabulary; Using the dictionary; Choosing the right word; Interrogative pronouns
Paper 10:Coordinating conjunctions in clauses; Sub-ordinating conjunctions in clauses; Interrogative and relative pronouns; Lie, lay; Rise, raise
Paper 11:Spelling Rule 1, 2; Reporting an accident, Spelling Rule 3; Using context to find word meanings; Spelling Rule 4
Paper 12:Word parts; Prefixes; Suffixes
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