Module 1, Drafting & Design 11, version 01 (JDRF11A) **

Paper 1:Introduction; Graphic language; Types of drawings; Free-hand sketching; Lettering
Paper 2:Mechanical drawing; Mechanical drawing equipment and its use; Geometrical construction
Paper 3:Introduction; Views of an object: orthographic projection; Selecting the views; One-view drawings; Two-view drawings; Three-view drawings; Sketching twoviews; Sketching three views; Hidden lines; Precedence of lines; Visualizing the object from the drawing
Paper 4:Foreword; Position of the object and selection of the views; Transferring the depth of the object; Points, lines, surfaces, and angles; Left-hand and right-hand drawings; First-angle projection; Mechanical drawing procedures; Mechanical drawing of two views; Mechanical drawing of three views
Paper 5:Sectional views; Full sections; Half sections; Broken-out sections; Revolved sections; Removed sections; Thin sections; Offset sections; Conventional sectioning practices
Paper 6:Auxiliary views
Paper 7:Foreword; Review of Paper 3; Review of Paper 4; Review of Paper 5; Review of Paper 6
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