Module 2, German 11, version 02 (JGE11B2) **

Section 1:School timetable; describing a typical school day and giving the names of classrooms; giving directions; samstags, etc.; welche; wer, wen, wessen
Section 2:Expressing an opinion about various school subjects; giving reasons for your opinions; saying what you do and do not like; weil; welche; dies; jeder, seit + present tense; the superlative form
Section 3:Giving the names for the various forms of accommodation in Germany; learning about the German system of dividing houses between families
Section 4:Describing your house and your room; seeking andgiving opinion; expressing uncertainty; the definite article with adjectives; the relative pronoun: nominative and accusative singular; nominative and accusative plural; the prepositions and their cases; the reflexive pronouns
Section 5:Giving an opinion, expressing intention, weder (conditional tense)
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