Module 3, Information Technology 11, version 02 (JINT11C2) **

Section 1:Language and Machines; Gears, Rods, and Wheels; Circuits, Switches, and Tubes; Code, Logic, and Loops; Windows, Objects, and the Web
Section 2:Writing for the Machine; Working with Data; Expressions and Statements; Structure and Control; Functions and Procedures; The Programming Process
Section 3:Gathering Requirements; Analyzing theProblem; Designing a Solution; Writing the Code; Debugging and Testing; Documentation
Section 4:Getting Started with (Pascal, Basic, Logo or Perl); Data Types and Variables; Creating Statements and Expressions; ControlStructures; Functions and Procedures; Input, Output, and Error Checking
Section 5:Post Secondary Opportunities; Opportunities in the Workplace; Associations and Organizations
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