Module 3, Drafting and Design 11, version 01 (JDRF11C) **

Paper 15:Patterns; Model construction; Parallel line development; Intersections
Paper 16:Radial line development; Development of a pyramid; Pattern of truncated pyramid; Development of a cone; Pattern of a truncated cone; Sheet metal terms and allowances
Paper 17:Introduction to topographic drafting; Terms used in topographic drafting; Surveying; Contours; Valley and ridges; Methods of drawing contours; Profiles; Map scales; Measuring irregular distances; Conventional topographic symbols
Paper 18:Architectural drawing; Construction details
Paper 19:Foreword; Architectural drafting; Floor plan; Foundation plan; Section; Elevations; Orientation; Plot plans; Perspective drawings; Making a perspective drawing
Paper 20:Foreword; Working drawings; Assembly drawings
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