Module 1, German 11, version 02 (JGE11A2) **

Section 1:Describing yourself and others; asking for and giving personal information; making comparisons; describing certain moods and providing reasons; the plural noun; the accusative personal pronoun; the genitive possessive adjective; seitdem; weder . . .noch; the comparative; sprechen uber and accusative; tun
Section 2:Naming clothes and describing what you are wearing; understanding and giving detailed descriptions of people; the indefinite article with adjectives; the plural noun with adjectives; the simple past tense of haben and sein; tun
Section 3:Describing a location; the genitivedefinite article; als (meaning when); wessen
Section 4:Describing the place where you live; giving your opinion about the place; the imperative form; giving the year; gegenuber + dative; an + dative + vorbei; the simple past tense
Section 5:Identifying certain jobs; saying what you intend to do when you leave school; saying if you plan to carry on with your studies; saying you are unsure what you want to do; the dative pronoun; zweieinhalb, etc.; the relative pronoun: der, die, das; the future tense; ob; was; the adjective without an article
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