Module 3, German 11, version 02 (JGE11C2) **

Section 1:Asking or telling someone to do something; helping in a Youth Hostel or a private house; learning the names for dishes and cutlery; offering to set thetable and to help in the kitchen; finding out where things are; the infinite used as a noun: wer, wessen, wem, wen, sollen (present tense)
Section 2:Learning the names of food; offering and requesting various foods; expressing degrees of liking; asking and saying where things go in the kitchen; einige, ein paar, etwas, ein Stuck; mogen; the word order for dative pronoun with a noun; the conditional tense of konnen, mogen, sollen, werden
Section 3:Learning the names of various holidays; describing a holiday; discussing advantages and disadvantages; expressing an opinion; trotz + genitive; ich glaube, daB, ich meine, daB; fractions
Section 4:Asking what kind of accommodation there is in a place and what is available; the pluperfect tense/past perfect tense
Section 5:Making a written reservation at a Youth Hostel, campsite, etc.
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