Module 1, Spanish 11, version 02 (JSP11NA) **

Paper 1:Present tense, regular verbs; Gender and number of nouns; Negatives; Questions; Adjectives
Paper 2:Ser/estar; Definitearticle/days of the week; Eonocer/saber; Personal a; Weather
Paper 3:De for possession; Gustar; Direct and indirect object pronouns; Definite article + que; Time and dates
Paper 4:e-ie, o or u-ue, and e-i verbs; Estar/seguir + present participle; Reflexive verbs; Parts of the body and clothing
Paper 5:Definite article with reflexive verbs; Irregular first person of verbs in present tense; Acabar de; Hace + present tense
Paper 6:Indefinite adjectives; Preterite tense of regular verbs; Preterite of dar, ver, ser, ir, and conducir; Demonstratives; El automovil
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