Module 2, Spanish 11, version 02 (JSP11NB) **

Paper 7:Preterite tense of stem-changing and irregular verbs; Al + infinitive; Sino/pero
Paper 8:Possessive pronouns; Hace +preterite; Negative and affirmative expressions; Lo + adjective;Lo que
Paper 9:Imperfect tense of regular and irregular verbs; Hacer + time + present tense; Hacer + time + imperfect tense
Paper 10:Pronouns after prepositions; Imperfect vs. preterite; Tener + expressions
Paper 11:Llevar vs. tomar; Impersonal se; Las tiendas; Regular past participles
Paper 12:Prepositions of place; Expressions with de; Present perfect tense; Diminutives
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