Module 2 Design, Art Foundations 8/9/10, version 01 (JAF0102) **

Section 1:The Filling of Given Spaces
Section 2:Graphic Design
Section 3:Using What We Know
Section 4:Design in Architecture

Art Supplies Needed for this Module:
2 black nylon pens (1 thin point, 1 thick point), 6 construction paper of assorted colours, 1 white acrylic paint, 1 bottle of white glue, 4 thin wooden dowels, 2 yards thick thread, 1 red pencil crayon, 1 small cardboard box (available from office supply stores, craft stores, etc.)
Students need access to view 10 design photographs:
Fireplace in east parlor, Pierce-Nichols house, Salem, Massachusetts.
View from the south, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio.
L’ toile Metro Station, Paris. Art Nouveau. 1900 (Destroyed). Subway-Metropolitan-Paris-Vintage-Photo-3.jpg
Interior, Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London.
Architects: John Paxton and Charles Fox. e2py9DwPRiM/UYDeVyqxPAI/AAAAAAAAAo0/Tq9iLu5zE_U/s1600/CH_5_7_2_3_Q1.jpg
Apartment Houses, 825-860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois.
Architect: Mies Van der Rohe.
Exterior views & plan, Edgar J. Kaufmann House/Fallingwater, 1936-1937, Bear Run, PA.
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright. 89.jpg
Eiffel Tower, Paris. Functional Style. 1889.
Carson, Pirie and Scott Department Store, Chicago, Illinois.
Architect: Sullivan.
The Pantheon, Rome, Italy, circa 120-125 A.D. 90/39/3927/OAXXF00Z/posters/the-pantheon-rome.jpg
Parthenon from the northwest, 447-432 B.C., The Acropolis, Athens.
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