Module 3 Painting, Art Foundations 8/9/10, version 01 (JAF0103) **

Section 1:Getting Started
Section 2:Colour, Composition, and Unity
Section 3:Through Thick and Thin
Section 4:Variations on a Theme

Art Supplies Needed for this Module:
8 grey construction paper, 1 plastic palette, 2 paint brushes (1 fat wide and 1 fat round), 20 sheets Bristol blue jay paper, 5 oil pastels (red, yellow, blue, black & white), 1 palette knife, 1 sheet white cardboard, 1 black construction paper, 1 set acrylic paints (black, white, red, yellow & blue) (available from office supply stores, craft stores, etc.)
Students need access to view 3 French School paintings:
"Sunflowers" by van Gogh, 1888.
"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Seurat, 1884-1886.,_Georges_Seurat, _1884.jpg
"Still Life" by Cézanne, circa 1890.

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