Module 1, Chemistry 12, version 03 (JCH12A3) **

Section 1:Review of Chemical Equations; Introduction to Reaction Kinetics; Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction; Collision Theory of Chemical Reactions
Section 2:Energy Changes Occurring in Chemical Reactions; Potential Energy Diagrams for Forward and Reverse Reactions; Reaction Mechanisms; Catalysts and their Applications
Section 3:The Nature of Chemical Equilibrium; Graphical Representation of Chemical Equilibrium; The Factors Determining the Position of Equilibrium
Section 4:Factors Affecting Equilibrium; Le Chatelier's Principle; Graphical Representation of Changes in Equilibrium; The Haber Process: A Practical Application of Equilibrium; Quantitative Aspects of Equilibrium--The Equilibrium Constant
Section 5:The Significance of Keq; Calculating Equilibrium Concentrati ons; More Equilibrium Calculations; Calculation of Equilibrium Concentrations from Initial Concentrations and Keq; Using Keq to Determine Whether a System is at Equilibrium
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