Module 3, Chemistry 12, version 03 (JCH12C3) **

Section 1:Aqueous Acids, Bases, and Salts; Bronsted-Lowry Definitions; Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
Section 2:Relative Acid Stre ngths; Acid-Base Indicators; Hydrolysis of Salts
Section 3:Quantitative Relationships in Acid-Base Equilibria; [H3O] and [OH-] at Temperatures Other Than 25 C; Weak Acid-Base Equilibria: Ka and Kb; The Relationship Betw een Ka and Kb for a Conjugate Pair
Section 4:pH and pH Calculations; Relating and Using pH and pOH; pH in Weak Acid-Base Calculations; Further Discussions of Acid Base Indicators
Section 5:Mixing Acids and Bases; Acid-Base Neutralizations (Titrations) of Strong Acids and Bases; The Theory of Practice of Titrations; Weak Acid/Strong Base and Weak Base/Strong Acid Titrations--A Closer Look
Section 6:A pplications of Acid-Base Concepts; Periodic Trends in Acidity of Oxides; Acid Rain
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