Module 4, Chemistry 12, version 03 (JCH12D3) **

Section 1:Introduction to Oxidation-Reduction; Relative Strengths of Oxidizing and Reducing Agents; The Table of Standard Reduction Half Reactions; Balancing Redox Reactions Using the Table of Standard Reduction Potentials
Section 2:Balancing Half-Reactions-The Half-Cell Method; Balancing Redox Reactions Using the Half-Cell Method; Oxidation Numbers-Electron Bookkeeping; Oxidation-Reduction Titrations
Section 3:Electrochemical Cells; Voltages of Electrochemical Cells; The Significance of the Cell Voltage; Applications of Electrochemical Cells
Section 4:Corrosion--An example of a Redox Application; Electrolysis; Electrolysis of Aqueous Salt Solutions; Further Applications of Electrolytic Cells; The Breathalyzer
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