Module 2, Physics 12, version 03 (JPH12B3) **

Section 7:Rotational Equilibrium; Investigation 4: Equilibrium of a Loaded Beam; Conditions for Equilibrium; Solving Equilibrium Problems
Section 8:Circular Motion; Video: Moving in Circles; Investigation 5: Circular Motion; Centripetal Force; Kepler's Laws Describing Planetary Motion
Section 9:Newton's Law of Gravitation; Gravitational Potential Energy; Video: Falling Bodies; Video: The Apple and the Moon; Video: Navigating in Space
Section 10:Electrostatics; Investigation 7; Coulomb's Law; Electric Field
Section 11:Electric Potential Energy; Potential Difference Between Two Parallel Plates; Investigation 8: Deflection of an Electron Beam by an Electric Field; Electric Deflection; Circuitry
Section 12:Electric Current; Kirchhoff's Rules; Ohm's Law; Investigation 9: Series and Parallel Circuits; Analyzing Circuits
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