Ecology Module, Science 7, version 02 (JSC7A2) **

In this module students extend their understanding of ecology. They identify various features of an ecosystem, learn about the food chain, and explore the ecology of a local ecosystem. The second part of the module consists of a research project where students choose a biome (a large region of the world that has a distinct climate and wildlife, such as a desert or tropical rainforest) to study in depth.

Section 2 requires two CD's titled: "MP Express" and "Living Deserts and Rainforests". These must be ordered through the publisher at the following address:

Bytes of Learning Incorporated, 60 Renfrew Drive, Suite 210, MARKHAM, ON, CANADA L3R 0E1. Phone: (905) 947-4646. Toll-free: 1-800-465-6428. Fax: (905) 475-8650

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