Module 1, Home Economics 8, version 01 (JHE8A) **

Paper 1:How this course is arranged; Utensils and equipment used in food preparation; Measurement, how to measure, a note about temperature; Good habits in the kitchen, safety habits
Paper 2:To eat is to live; The daily four; What food does for you; How much food do you need?, "Caution" foods; Review
Paper 3:Classification of fruits, selection and storage of fruits; Preparation of raw fruits; Making a fruit cup; Value of fruits in the diet; Reading a recipe; Preparation of fresh cooked fruit; Making and evaluating a fruit sauce
Paper 4:Classification of vegetables, value of vegetables in the diet, selection and storage of vegetables; Preparation of vegetables; Preparation of sandwiches; Making and evaluating coleslaw and a sandwich, review and exercise
Paper 5:What are breads and cereals?; Nutritive value; Flour mixtures, what makes breads rise?, preparing to bake; Methods of preparing flour mixtures; Making and evaluating muffins
Paper 6:The milk family tree, storage of milk and milk products, milk is SO good!; Making a cream sauce, first aid for your sauce, say cheese!; Pasta, "Enriched" pasta, storing cereals, cooking pasta; Making and evaluating a casserole
Paper 7:Meat and alternates; Eggs, care and storage, nutritive value, cooking eggs, cracking eggs; Planning a breakfast, steps to take when planning a meal, hints for making cocoa; Making breakfast
Paper 8:Let's get organized!, desserts, points on pudding-making; The cake method; Making a pudding; Making cupcakes
Paper 9:Pizza makes a good snack, the crust, the sauce; Vegetables; Meat, Cheese; Making and evaluating a pizza; Prepare for your test
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