This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Marketing 11, version 01 (Print)

This course presents an in-depth view of marketing practices in Canada. The course covers market research, store organization, effective selling, advertising and display, customer services and human relations in marketing. There is an emphasis on the retailing perspective.

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Module 1, Marketing 11, version 01 (JMKG11A) ** 7540003653 $23.44EA
Paper 1:Introduction to Marketing
Paper 2:Types of store ownership
Paper 3:Marketing research
Paper 4:Product and product line strategies
Paper 5:Packaging, labelling, and branding
Paper 6:Pricing policies and methods of determining the price of goods
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Module 2, Marketing 11, version 01 (JMKG11B) ** 7540003654 $23.44EA
Paper 7:Unit pricing and the break-even point
Paper 8:Personal selling
Paper 9:Advertising: types, methods, and costs
Paper 10:Advertising: evaluation, selection, and procedures
Paper 11:Methods of sales promotion and merchandise display
Paper 12:Channels of distribution and transportation
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Module 3, Marketing 11, version 01 (JMKG11C) ** 7540003655 $23.44EA
Paper 13:Merchandising: what to do when goods are received
Paper 14:How to control inventory
Paper15:Recording sales
Paper 16:Customer credit and services
Paper 17:Collection procedures and policies
Paper 18:Career opportunities in marketing; How to get a job
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