Note to Students If you are interested in obtaining course credit for an Open School BC course, you must enroll through a BC school. Your school will provide you with the course. Do not order your course through this catalogue.

Open School BC’s 3500+ K–12 learning resources were created prior to BC’s curriculum redesign. They do not align with current learning standards, but could have value as content sources or planning resources. Teachers will need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum.

Note to Educators If you have access to ShareEd BC, https://www.shareedbc.ca/ check there first for OSBC resources.

Purchasing Online Courses Online courses are accessed through membership in Open School BC’s online hosting service.

Purchasing Teacher Guides and Tests Teacher’s Guides and tests are available for most courses. For security reasons, these products only are available to teachers logged on with a school account number. If you’re unsure of your school account number, contact Customer Service.