This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Mathematics 9A, version 01 (Print)

This is a non-academic mathematics course that is useful for students wishing to upgrade their skills in mathematics.

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Module 1, Mathematics 9A, version 01 (JMA9AA1) ** 7540002582 $27.60EA
Section 1: Review of operations with whole numbers and multiplication tables; Divisibility rules; Place and face value; Symbols used in mathematics; Reading and writing numbers; Rounding off numbers
Section 2: Number system, factors; Prime numbers vs. composite numbers; Prime factorization; GCF
Section 3: Fractions and rational numbers; The fraction "T" lowest terms; Inequalities and fractions
Section 4: Rational numbers; Subtracting fractions from a whole number; Addition of fractions and mixed numerals; Subtraction of fractions and mixed numerals; Three or more addends
Section 5: Word problems and fractions; Multiplication and division of fractions; Division of mixed numbers and division and word problems; Review of the entire section
Section 6: Addition and subtraction of integers; Multiplication and division of integers; Rules for multiplying integers; Applying the correct algorithm; Solving problems with integers; Charts, calculators, and integers

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Module 2, Mathematics 9A, version 01 (JMA9AB1) ** 7540002583 $23.44EA
Section 1: Decimals and number line; Inequalities and decimals; Adding and subtracting decimals and with numbers in decimal form; Multiplying, rounding and dividing decimals; Multiplying and dividing decimals by powers of 10; Estimating products
Section 2: Exponents, powers, and variables; Multiplying and dividing with exponents; One and zero as an exponent; Integers as exponents
Section 3: Exponent rules using base 10; Scientific notation; Large and small numbers; Calculations using scientific notation; More work on writing scientific notation
Section 4: Geometry; Angles; Measuring angles; Perpendicular and intersecting lines; Parallel lines
Section 5: Types of triangles; Congruent triangles; Calculating the measures of angles and triangles; Square roots; Square root tables; The theorem of Pythagoras
Section 6: Common polygons and perimeters; Metric units of area; Area of polygons; Surface area; Metric units of volume

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Module 3, Mathematics 9A, version 01 (JMA9AC1) ** 7540002584 $27.60EA
Section 1: Converting fractions to decimals; Terminating and repeating decimals; Rational numbers; Calculators and patterns; Writing decimals as fractions; Skills with ratio; Ratio and scale drawings; Review of section
Section 2: The language of percent; Changing a fraction to a percentage; Percentage of a number; Using percentage; Proportion property; Problems using percent; Simple interest
Section 3: Graphing points in a plane; Graphs of linear equations; Graphs of points; Problem solving
Section 4: Working with probability; Terminology; Predicting probabilities by experimental method and theoretically; Tree diagrams; Random number and simulation
Section 5: Introduction to Algebra; Expressions; Terms; Variable and coefficient; Mathematical phrases; Like terms; Adding and subtracting terms; Evaluating algebraic expressions; Evaluation
Section 6: Mathematical equations; Solving equations by inspection; Adding, subtracting, and dividing

** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.