This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

English 11, Version 06 (Print)

Welcome to English 11! Some of the ideas in English 11 may be new to students. Others may be quite familiar from other English courses or from independent reading. In this course, students will explore a variety of fiction, non-fiction, drama, and multimedia by authors ranging from Shakespeare to poets of the modern era. They will also write and present ideas to demonstrate their understanding of English literature and the English language. Finally, there will be opportunities for viewing, speaking, and listening using a range of media and technologies.

Students only need to complete three of four modules for English 11. Modules 1 and 4 are both required, and they can choose between Modules 2 and 3.

Module 1: Facts and Fiction
Module 2: Poetry and Prose: Who Has Seen the Wind OR
Module 3: Poetry and Prose: Lord of the Flies
Module 4: The Tragedy of Macbeth

PLEASE NOTE: The following resources are no longer stocked; students need to rent or purchase their own from local libraries, publishers or online stores:

Poetry Alive—Reflections required for Modules 1–3 (ISBN-10: 0-7730-5167-8 or ISBN-13: 978-0-7730-5167-6)
Who Has Seen the Wind? required for Module 2 (ISBN-10: 0-7715-9022-9 or ISBN-13: 978-0-7715-9022-1)
Lord of the Flies required for Module 3 (ISBN-10: 0-571-08483-4 or ISBN-13: 978-0-571-08483-8)
Macbeth required for Module 4 (ISBN-10: 0-7434-7710-3 or ISBN-13: 978-0-7434-7710-9)
Macbeth (BBC) DVD

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Module 1, English 11, Version 06 ** 7540005982 $31.15EA

Section 1:Informational Text
Section 2:Research Reports
Section 3:Elements of Fiction
Section 4:Responding to Literature
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Module 3, English 11, Version 06 ** 7540005984 $31.15EA

Section 1:Playing with Words
Section 2:The Rules of the Game
Section 3:A Darker Side of Childhood--Parts One and Two
Section 4:Lord of the Flies--Parts Three and Four
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Module 4, English 11, Version 06 ** 7540005985 $31.15EA

Section 1:Shakespeare's Macbeth
Section 2:Macbeth's Demise
Section 3:Interpreting a Shakespearean Tragedy
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Module 1 Source File, English 11, version 06 ** 7540005995 $20.75EA
(Required for print student only)
The English 11 Module 1 Source File contains short stories and other readings students will require to complete Module 1.
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