Accounting 12, version 03 (Print)

The Accounting 12 course will prepare students to work in businesses or operate their own enterprise. Because the World Wide Web is an incredible resource for gathering information on business topics, they will use the Internet for some tasks.

Accounting 12 is sequential to and builds on Accounting 11. The learning outcomes are derived from the provincial curriculum. The four modules are: Accounting for a Service Business; Accounting for a Merchandising Business and Payroll; Project Allocation, Budgeting, and Cash Control; Researching Accounting Careers and Designing Accounting Systems.

PLEASE NOTE: The Simply Accounting software required for this course is no longer available. As such, we have discontinued sales of the associated CD and textbook. The course modules do still refer to the CD and textbook, so you will need to adjust your delivery of the course by either skipping these references or by supplementing with software of your choosing. The course content provides overview and practice of accounting concepts without use of the software.

Please note that student term tests and instructional guide (answer keys for section assignments and term tests) are available for this course. These items can be ordered by Account Customers through this website by using your Customer Number. If you are not aware of your Customer Number, please call Customer Service at 1.888.883.4766.

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Module 1, Accounting 12, version 03 (JAC12A3) ** 7540003442 $22.54EA
Section 1:Using the General Journal
Section 2:Using the Purchases and Cash Payments Journals Manually
Section 3:Using Simply Accountings Purchases and Cash Payments Journals
Section 4:Using the Sales and Cash Receipts Journals Manually
Section 5:Using Simply Accountings Sales and Cash Receipts Journal
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Module 2, Accounting 12, version 03 (JAC12B3) ** 7540003443 $22.54EA
Section 1:Accounting for a Merchandising Business
Section 2:Manual Payroll Accounting
Section 3:Computerized Payroll Accounting Procedures
Section 4:Maintaining Inventory Records
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Module 3, Accounting 12, version 03 (JAC12C3) ** 7540003444 $22.54EA
Section 1:Project Allocation
Section 2:Budgeting
Section 3:Manual Cash Control Procedures< /td>
Section 4:Account Reconciliation using Simply Accounting
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Module 4, Accounting 12, version 03 (JAC12D3) 7540003445 $22.54EA
Section 1:Career Research
Section 2:Planning and Designing a General Ledger Accounting System
Section 3:Planning and Designing a Three-Ledger Accounting System
Section 4:Planning and Designing a Three-Ledger, Payroll, Inventory, and Project