This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

French 08, version 03 (Print)

It is strongly recommended that students have some previous courses in French, Students with no previous exposure to French should take Introductory French 8 prior to enrolling in French 8.

This course is based on the British Columbia prescribed curriculum for Core French 8 and embraces the communicative-experiential approach described therein. It emphasizes the practical use of language in all its forms and de-emphasizes the analytical study of grammatical theory. The course requires students to use French to perform realistic communicative tasks, share ideas, to acquire information and get things done. It also includes experiences with works by Francophone artists and actors.

Please note we no longer stock blank audio cassette tapes required for recording oral answers. Students need to provide their own.

PLEASE NOTE: The following textbook is referred to in this course. Stock may be low or depleted already. Students need to purchase their own from local libraries, publishers, or online book stores:

Entre Amis 1 (ISBN-10: 0-13-282542-2 or ISBN-13: 978-0-13-282542-9)

Please note that student term tests and instructional guide (answer keys for section assignments and term tests) are available for this course. These items can be ordered by Account Customers through this website by using your Customer Number. If you are not aware of your Customer Number, please call Customer Service at 1.888.883.4766.

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Product Code Quantity Price
Module 1, French 8, version 03 (JFR8A3) ** 7540002222 $23.44EA
Section 1:Discussing dreams; identifying rooms in a school; discussing a floor plan; making and discussing a timetable; practising telling time; specifying the location of objects in a room
Section 2:Sharing information about daily life; describing daily activities; expressing time; interpreting a schedule; describing meals
Section 3:Viewing avideo and recording observations; learning associated vocabulary
Section 4:Reviewing and preparing for Module 1 Test
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.
Module 2, French 8, version 03 (JFR8B3) ** 7540002224 $23.44EA
Section 1:Telephone etiquette; discussing one's well-being, extending and refusing invitations
Section 2:Food and nutrition; food preparation; junk food; preparing a sandwich
Section 3:Viewing a video to observe cultural influences
Section 4:Reviewing and preparing for Module 2 Test
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Module 3, French 8, version 03 (JFR8C3) ** 7540002225 $23.44EA
Section 1:Describing favourite activities; making and responding to suggestions; expressing future actions; discussing the weather; planning fun with one's friends
Section 2:Discussing television viewing habits; reading a TV schedule; types of television programs; expressing and responding to an opinion; discussing past actions
Section 3:Viewing a film; examining cultural differences
Section 4:Reviewing and preparing for Module 3 Test
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Module 4, French 8, version 03 (JFR8D3) ** 7540002226 $23.44EA
Section 1:Sports; personal experiences with sports; involvement in sports
Section 2:Pastimes and hobbies; following instructions and giving commands; describing a process in the past tense; discussing collections; making an oral presentation
Section 3:Viewing a video and observing cultural influences, and responding to it in a personal way
Section 4:Reviewing and preparing for Module 4 Test
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.