Intermediate Music 7, version 01 (Print)


The Intermediate Music program (Grade 4-7) focuses on key aspects of music, from singing and playing, reading and writing, to movement and performance. There are seven modules in the course. Each of the first six modules integrates the different skills the students will learn throughout the program, including vocal music, music history, playing the recorder, reading music and dance. In the final module the student reviews the concepts learned and prepares for a performance. For more course information, please go to the Intermediate Music Features Page.

Unless students have a previous music background, they should begin with Module 1. Students will have to purchase their own recorder for the course.

Some of the learning resources associated with this module may be unavailable from our publisher or no longer stocked due to no/low sales. Modules can be used without the learning resources on a limited basis, particularly with respect to projects and activities. The following CDs/books are referred to in this course, but no longer stocked, students will need to obtain these on their own:
Play Along Music CD (OSBC has permission to use various accompaniment numbers from Brian Bonsor's "Enjoy the Recorder, Descant Tutor Book 1A, Edition 11465" which is now available online on the Intermediate Music Companion Web site)
Everybody Dance CD (item number KIM 9131CD from
The Music Book (ISBN-10: 1-885111-38-X or ISBN-13: 978-1-88511-38-8)
Tchaikovsky Discovers America CD (ISBN-10: 1-895404-67-3 or ISBN-13: 978-1-895404-67-8 or from

PLEASE NOTE: The answer key is not a separate product; it is included at the back of the Workbook (7540004601).

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Product Code Quantity Price
Module 1, Intermediate Music, version 01 ** 7540004592 $7.95EA
In this introductory module students learn to play 2 note tunes on the recorder, learn a simple dance and begin to read music. ** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Module 2, Intermediate Music, version 01 ** 7540004593 $7.95EA
In Module 2 more notes are introduced on the recorder, and more complex music including tied notes, dotted halves, eighth notes, rests and time signatures are explained. Terms for musical expression and the instruments of the orchestra are described. A digeridoo is built in the final lesson. ** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Module 3, Intermediate Music, version 01 ** 7540004594 $7.95EA
In addition to learning more notes and melodies on the recorder, the various genres of music are introduced in Module 3. The full octave and solfa pitch names for vocal music are also explained. **This is a Print-on-Demand product, it is non-returnable.
Module 4, Intermediate Music, version 01 ** 7540004595 $7.95EA
In Module 4, students continue to explore the genres of music, focusing on the blues, jazz and 20th century composers. More advanced recorder skills are developed, and new dance steps are introduced. **This is a Print-on-Demand product, it is non-returnable.
Module 5, Intermediate Music, version 01 7540004596 $7.95EA
Over the seven lessons of Module 5, students are introduced to both classical and popular composers from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. New vocal techniques (scat and doo wap) are introduced, and recorder skills are developed.
Module 6, Intermediate Music, version 01 7540004597 $7.95EA
In addition to learning the low notes on the recorder in Module 6, and recording their own tunes, students do a research project on one of the topics suggested. They also prepare invitations/flyers for their performance.
Module 7, Intermediate Music, version 01 7540004598 $7.95EA
In this final module, Module 7, students prepare and stage a variety performance. They include singing, dancing and playing in their performance.
Songbook, Intermediate Music, version 01 7540004599 $7.95EA
The Songbook contains the sheet music for the songs the students play and sing in the course.
Workbook, Intermediate Music, version 01 ** 7540004601 $9.95EA
The Workbook contains the worksheets and answer keys for the course. **This is a Print-on-Demand product, it is non-returnable.
Intermediate Music Resource Package, version 01 7540004603 $129.95EA
The Resource Package contains Modules 1-7, the Workbook, the Songbook, the Play Along CD, the Blackline Master, a 3-ring binder and a 3-hole punched sleeve to hold the CD-ROM.

Due to low sales, please note once stock is depleted, it will no longer be available. However, customers will still be able to order the products individually.