This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Family Studies 10 - Housing & Living Environments, Version 01 (Print)

PLEASE NOTE: The current structure of the Family Studies 10-12 IRP allows teachers to combine any two of six modular courses into a four-credit course. Open School BC currently has four modular courses available: Families in Society, Interpersonal and Family Relationships, Housing and Living Environments, and Adulthood.

The aim of Housing and Living Environments is to provide an overview of housing and society. Students will learn how housing is influenced by culture and society, and how it has evolved over time. They will also consider the role of government in housing, and how environmental considerations influence housing. This course will also provide students with an opportunity to explore their future housing choices and factors that influence those choices, including costs and maintenance. Students will examine some of the elements and principles that are used by designers, including fashion, art, landscape design, and interior design and decorating and how these principles can be applied to improving their own home environments. Students will conclude this course by researching careers associated with housing.

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Housing and Living Environments Module, Family Studies 10 - 12, Version 01 ** 7540006219 $31.15EA

Section 1:Housing and Society
Section 2:Establishing Independent Living
Section 3:Design for Living
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Foundations Skills Package, Family Studies 10 - 12, version 01 ** 7540005502 $10.35EA
The Foundational Skills Package is a reusable resource that contains a number of tutorials on basic reading, writing, and visual representation skills required of students to complete either of the Family Studies 10-12 courses (Families in Society or Interpersonal & Family Relationships).
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