Canadian Pesticide Applicator's Core Training

This course is designed to help individuals qualify as a pesticide applicator or dispenser by preparing for the Canadian Pesticide Applicator Certification exam. Completion of this course does not certify pesticide applicators or dispensers.

Study topics include: overview of the pesticide industry; names, groups and formulations of pesticides; integrated Pest Management (IPM); labelling; legislation; protecting human health; environmental impacts; protective equipment; working safely; emergency response; application technology.

Learners who complete the course will be able to:

  • Understand the core knowledge requirements for pesticide application.
  • Know the required elements for a complete integrated pest management plan.
  • Be able to refer to the legislation and regulations for pesticide use and handling.
  • Understand the elements of application equipment and technology.
  • Be able to calculate the amount of pesticide needed for an application.
  • Understand how to apply pesticides safely.
  • Be able to protect human health and the environment when using pesticides.
  • Plan emergency response, and be able to respond to the most common pesticide emergencies.
Learners have 70 days to complete this 8–10 hour course.

Find out more about training requirements in B.C.
Important Notes:
You will need a copy of the 2011 edition of the Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual for your province. This manual is required reading for your course.

For BC registrants: the pdf version of the Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual: British Columbia Edition is offered for purchase below.

To order a print copy, please click on this link 7610821100 to be redirected to the Crown Publications Shopping Cart.
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Email: Phone: 1 800 663-6105 (toll-free in BC)
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Product Code Quantity Price
Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator - Course Seat 7540006171 N/A $55.00EA
You must register through the Open School BC website before purchasing your course seat. If you have not already done so, please visit OSBC Pesticides . After you answer the registration questions, you will be redirected back to this page to make your purchase.
Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual: British Columbia Edition (PDF) 7540006124 $35.00EA
This electronic edition of the manual is offered in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The Applicator Core Manual provides a general introduction to the safe use of pesticides. The 2011 edition is required reading for the Canadian Pesticide Applicator's Core Training.

Individuals preparing to become certified pesticide applicators in British Columbia must know the information in this manual and additional information contained in at least one of the category specific application training manuals available from the Ministry of Environment. To order the category specific manuals, go to: