Food Safety Basics - Online Course

Before taking a FOODSAFE Level 2 class, use this course to brush up on food handling practices.

This course is not equivalent to FOODSAFE Level 1, but is offered as an introduction to the larger topics that will be covered in FOODSAFE Level 2.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:
  • Identify the top 10 improper food handling practices that cause foodborne illness
  • Give examples of chemical, physical and biological causes of foodborne illness
  • List the three major parts in the cycle of pathogen transmission
  • Describe the FATTOM conditions that promote bacterial growth
  • Identify the “Danger Zone” temperature range
  • Describe the six steps in proper hand washing
  • Identify reasons for rejecting foods upon receiving
  • Describe the order in which received food should be stored
  • List safe food handling procedures for thawing, preparing, cooking, cooling and reheating foods
  • List safe food handling procedures for setting and clearing tables, and serving food
  • Describe the two types of trans fat and common sources
  • Describe the three regulatory requirements of the B.C. Trans Fat Regulation
  • Describe if food meets 2% and 5% trans fat restrictions

Learners have 14 days to complete this 1-hour course.

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