PCMP 206: The Procurement Lifecycle

PLEASE NOTE: PCMP 206 The Procurement Lifecycle has been written for government employees. As such, the course covers key concepts that are specific to government procurement professionals.

To equip learners to apply concrete procurement rules; make good decisions through all phases of the procurement lifecycle and identify resources to assist with procurement challenges. PCMP 206 is meant to direct learners to a variety of procurement resources that can be used for future reference.

This course is designed to increase knowledge, skills and abilities related to established procurement and contract management policies and procedures, with an emphasis on the core concepts listed below.
Learners have 30 days to complete the course once it is started; course seats expire after 1 year.

Core Concepts:

  • Planning
  • Pre-Award and Solicitation
  • Award
  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Post-contract Evaluation
  • Vendor relationship management

Each module starts with objectives and includes a scenario, activities to foster learning, prompts for reflection on ministry practices, end of module assessments, and references. Navigation within the course is unrestricted. An optional pretest quiz is available (not required).

Before attending PCMP 207 Practical Application of the Procurement Lifecycle, an exit assessment of this course must be passed with a mark of 70% or higher

This course has been designed to resize for government approved mobile devices for remote use as well as office.


  • Government contract administrators
  • Government employees who identify procurement needs, write terms of reference, and draft RFx documents,
  • Government contract managers and ministry specialists.

Note:PCMP 206 Procurement Lifecycle, together with PCMP 207 Practical Application of the Procurement Lifecycle replaces PCMP 201, 202 & 203.

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