This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Physics 12, version 03 (Print)

Physics 12 rigourously covers a variety of topics about energy, orbital motion, and electromagnetism. While of value for many students who are interested in the physical world, it is mainly a course for those going on to study science, computer science, or engineering in post-secondary institutions. This course has two components: a basic component using text and print material only.

A set of three optional video tapes used to be available for this course, however, due to increased copyright costs and low yearly sales, these are no longer stocked. The course can still be completed without viewing the video tapes. There is a Supplement you can order which is a "bare bones" summary of the course labs and video tapes.

PLEASE NOTE: The following textbook is referred to in this course. Stock may be low or depleted already. Students need to purchase their own from local libraries, publishers, or online book stores:

Physics: Principles with Applications, Sixth Edition (ISBN-10: 0-13-060620-0 or ISBN-13: 978-0-13-060620-4)

Please note that student term tests and instructional guide (answer keys for section assignments and term tests) are available for this course. These items can be ordered by Account Customers through this website by using your Customer Number. If you are not aware of your Customer Number, please call Customer Service at 1.888.883.4766.

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Product Code Quantity Price
Module 2, Physics 12, version 03 (JPH12B3) ** 7540002681 $23.44EA
Section 7:Rotational Equilibrium; Investigation 4: Equilibrium of a Loaded Beam; Conditions for Equilibrium; Solving Equilibrium Problems
Section 8:Circular Motion; Video: Moving in Circles; Investigation 5: Circular Motion; Centripetal Force; Kepler's Laws Describing Planetary Motion
Section 9:Newton's Law of Gravitation; Gravitational Potential Energy; Video: Falling Bodies; Video: The Apple and the Moon; Video: Navigating in Space
Section 10:Electrostatics; Investigation 7; Coulomb's Law; Electric Field
Section 11:Electric Potential Energy; Potential Difference Between Two Parallel Plates; Investigation 8: Deflection of an Electron Beam by an Electric Field; Electric Deflection; Circuitry
Section 12:Electric Current; Kirchhoff's Rules; Ohm's Law; Investigation 9: Series and Parallel Circuits; Analyzing Circuits
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Module 3, Physics 12, version 03 (JPH12C3) ** 7540002682 $23.44EA
Section 13:Electric Circuits; How Ammeters and Voltmeters are Used; The Potential Divider; A Review of Magnetism and Magnetic Fields
Section 14:Electromagnetism; The Current Balance; Deflection of an Electron Beam by a Magnetic Field; Magnetic Deflection of an Electron Beam
Section 15:The Mass of an Electron; Meters; Electric Motors; The Strength of Magnetic Fields; Definition of the Ampere From Measured Quantities
Section 16:Electromagnetic Induction; Magnetic Flux; The Electric Generator; Investigation 13; Motors, Transformers. and the Transmission of Power
Section 17:Review; Equilibrium, Circular Motion, and Gravitation; Electrostatics and Circuitry; Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, and Inquiry
** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Textbook: Student Lab Manual, Physics 12, version 03 (PY1203J) ** 7540003421 $20.75EA
This manual is used throughout the course. ** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.

Supplement, Physics 12 (JPH12H) ** 7540002683 $8.84EA
For students who do not have access to a VCR and/or laboratory, please order the Supplement which is a "bare bones" summary of the course labs and the video tapes. ** This is a Print-on-Demand product; it is non-returnable.