This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Mathematics 4, version 02 (Print)

Mathematics is covered in six separate modules covering place value and counting; rounding numbers; estimating; using multiplication and division tables; fractions; decimals; basic geometry; measurement; time; problem solving; collecting and organizing data; probability and frequency.

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Module 1, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4A2) ** 7540002533 $33.18EA
Section 1:Place Value and Counting; Place Value to 9999; Reading and Writing Numbers to 4 Places; Reading and Writing Numbers to 99 999; Trading Rules for Numbers; Keeping in Touch
Section 2:Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 10; Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 100; Comparing and Ordering Numbers; Developing Number Sense; Calculators--Place-Value Applications; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Mental Arithmetic and Basic Facts; Estimating Sums by Adding 10's and 100's; Adding 2- and 3-Digit Numbers; Adding 2- and 3-Digit Numbers With Trading; Adding 3-Digit Numbers; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Estimating 4-Digit Sums; Addition of 4-Digit Sums--No Trading; Adding 4-Digit Numbers With Trading; Addition of More Than 2 Numbers; Looking for Friendly Numbers; Keeping in Touch
Section 5:Mental Arithmetic--Basic Facts and Strategies; Subtracting Groups of 10 Through Estimation; Subtracting Groups of 100 Through Estimation; Subtracting 2- and 3-Digit Numbers--No Trading; Using Addition to Check Subtraction; Keeping in Touch
Section 6:Subtracting 2-and 3-Digit Numbers With One Trade; Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers With Two Trades; Estimating Differences and Subtracting 4-Digit Numbers (No Trades); Subtracting 4-Digit Numbers With Trading; Subtracting Across Zeros; Keeping in Touch
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Module 2, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4B2) ** 7540002534 $23.44EA
Section 1:Multiplication: Groups of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; Multiplication: Groups of 6 and 7; Multiplication: Groups of 7 and 8; Multiplication: Groups of 9 and Multiplying by 0; Using a Multiplication Table; Keeping in Touch
Section 2:Multiplying by Groups of 10 and 100; Multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100; Estimating Products; Multiplying a 2-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number; Multiplying With Money; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Multiplyng a 3-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number; Some Multiplication Rules; Product of 3 Factors; Products of Multiples of 10; Problem Solving--Choose the Correct Operation; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Division: Sharing and Placing Things into Equal Groups; Using a Multiplication Table for Division; Writing and Drawing Division Sentences; Division Facts to 5; Division Facts of 6 and 7; Keeping in Touch
Section 5:Division Facts of 8 and 9; Division Facts of 1 and 10: Some Rules and Patterns; Estimating Quotients; Division With Remainders; Dividing Multiples of 10 and 100; Keeping in Touch
Section 6:Dividing 2-Digit Numbers; Dividing 2-Digit Numbers With Remainders; Dividing 3-Digit Numbers; Zeros in the Quotient; Problem Solving--2 Steps; Keeping in Touch
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Module 3, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4C2) ** 7540003633 $23.44EA
Section 1:Representing Fractions--Parts of a Whole; Fractions of a Set; Equivalent Fractions; Comparing Fractions; Keeping Sharp
Section 2:Tenths--Fractions and Decimals; Fractions and Decimals Greater Than 1; Comparing and Ordering Decimals; Decimals to Hundredths; Mixed Numbers--Ones, Tenths, Hundredths; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Place Value and Equivalent Decimals; Rounding Decimals to Tenths; Decimal Dollars; Rounding to the Nearest Whole Number; Estimating Sums and Differences With Decimals; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Adding Decimals; Subtracting Decimals; Estimating Dollar Sums and Differences; Adding Dollars and Cents; Subtracting Dollars and Cents; Keeping in Touch
Section 5:Rectangular and Square Numbers; Number Patterns; Mathematical Expressions and Brackets in Expressions; Magic Squares, Triangles, and Other Shapes; Mental Math--Using Quarters to Add and Multiply; Keeping in Touch
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Module 4, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4D2) ** 7540002535 $23.44EA
Section 1:The Language of Geometry--Points and Lines; Angles; Polygons; Congruent Shapes; Keeping in Touch
Section 2:3-Dimensional Figures; Constructing 3-Dimensional Figures; Symmetry; Vertical and Horizontal Number Lines; Graphing Ordered Pairs on a Grid; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Slides; Flips; Turns; Identifying Different Motions;Geometry Problems; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Developing a Problem-Solving Plan; Finding Facts and Placing Numbers in Problem Statements; Too Many and Too Few Facts in Problems; Estimating Answers to Problems; Choosing the Correct Operation; Keeping in Touch
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Module 5, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4E2) ** 7540002536 $23.44EA
Section 1:Measuring in Centimeters and Millimetres; Converting Metric Units; Area: Counting Squares; Area of Irregular Shapes Estimating Area; Area of a Rectangle; Keeping in Touch
Section 2:Volume: Counting Cubes; Volume: Using Multiplication; Capacity; Mass; Mass and Capacity Problems; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Time: Units of Time; Time: The 12-Hour Clock and the 24-Hour Clock; Reading Schedules; Temperataure: Degrees Celsius; Time and Temperature Problems; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Problem Solving: Diagrams; Looking for Patterns; Using Guess and Test Techniques; Picking the Right Strategy; Multi-Step Problems; Keeping in Touch
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Module 6, Mathematics 4, version 02 (JMA4F2) ** 7540002537 $23.44EA
Section 1:Collecting and Organizing Information; Probability and Frequency Graphs; Classifying Data; Reading Pictographs; Constructing Pictographs; Keeping in Touch
Section 2:Reading Line Graphs; Constructing Line Graphs; Reading Bar Graphs; Constructing Bar Graphs; Other Types of Graphs; Keeping in Touch
Section 3:Reasonable Answers to Problems; Writing the Question; Organizing Data; Logical Thinking for Problems; Eliminating Possibilities; Keeping in Touch
Section 4:Mental Arithmetic; Place Value and Whole Numbers; Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers; Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers; Common Fractions; Place Value and Decimal Fractions
Section 5:Decimal Operations: Addition and Subtraction; Geometry; Measurement; Data Analysis; Problem Solving: Routine; Problem Solving: Non-Routine
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