This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Home Economics 8, version 01 (Print)

The first half of the course teaches food preparation techniques by preparing foods representative of the four food groups. The second half of the course teaches basic sewing techniques which are used in constructing two simple sewing projects.

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Module 1, Home Economics 8, version 01 (JHE8A) ** 7540003568 $23.44EA
Paper 1:How this course is arranged; Utensils and equipment used in food preparation; Measurement, how to measure, a note about temperature; Good habits in the kitchen, safety habits
Paper 2:To eat is to live; The daily four; What food does for you; How much food do you need?, "Caution" foods; Review
Paper 3:Classification of fruits, selection and storage of fruits; Preparation of raw fruits; Making a fruit cup; Value of fruits in the diet; Reading a recipe; Preparation of fresh cooked fruit; Making and evaluating a fruit sauce
Paper 4:Classification of vegetables, value of vegetables in the diet, selection and storage of vegetables; Preparation of vegetables; Preparation of sandwiches; Making and evaluating coleslaw and a sandwich, review and exercise
Paper 5:What are breads and cereals?; Nutritive value; Flour mixtures, what makes breads rise?, preparing to bake; Methods of preparing flour mixtures; Making and evaluating muffins
Paper 6:The milk family tree, storage of milk and milk products, milk is SO good!; Making a cream sauce, first aid for your sauce, say cheese!; Pasta, "Enriched" pasta, storing cereals, cooking pasta; Making and evaluating a casserole
Paper 7:Meat and alternates; Eggs, care and storage, nutritive value, cooking eggs, cracking eggs; Planning a breakfast, steps to take when planning a meal, hints for making cocoa; Making breakfast
Paper 8:Let's get organized!, desserts, points on pudding-making; The cake method; Making a pudding; Making cupcakes
Paper 9:Pizza makes a good snack, the crust, the sauce; Vegetables; Meat, Cheese; Making and evaluating a pizza; Prepare for your test
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