This resource was developed prior to the curriculum redesign in 2015. While it does not align with current learning standards, it may have value as a content source. Teachers may need to make adjustments to ensure accurate alignment with current curriculum:

Drafting and Design 11, version 01 (Print)

This course will help the student understand drafting conventions and methods used in the industry. The student will practice visualizing in the abstract and will learn skills to produce drawings of 3-D objects.

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Module 1, Drafting & Design 11, version 01 (JDRF11A) ** 7540001935 $23.44EA
Paper 1:Introduction; Graphic language; Types of drawings; Free-hand sketching; Lettering
Paper 2:Mechanical drawing; Mechanical drawing equipment and its use; Geometrical construction
Paper 3:Introduction; Views of an object: orthographic projection; Selecting the views; One-view drawings; Two-view drawings; Three-view drawings; Sketching twoviews; Sketching three views; Hidden lines; Precedence of lines; Visualizing the object from the drawing
Paper 4:Foreword; Position of the object and selection of the views; Transferring the depth of the object; Points, lines, surfaces, and angles; Left-hand and right-hand drawings; First-angle projection; Mechanical drawing procedures; Mechanical drawing of two views; Mechanical drawing of three views
Paper 5:Sectional views; Full sections; Half sections; Broken-out sections; Revolved sections; Removed sections; Thin sections; Offset sections; Conventional sectioning practices
Paper 6:Auxiliary views
Paper 7:Foreword; Review of Paper 3; Review of Paper 4; Review of Paper 5; Review of Paper 6
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Module 2, Drafting and Design 11, version 01 (JDRF11B) ** 7540003479 $23.44EA
Paper 8:Size description
Paper 9:Common fasteners; Screw threads; American Standard bolts and nuts; Studs; American Standard cap screws; American Standard machine screws; Keys; Rivets; Wood screws; Tables
Paper 10:Shop processes; Glossary of common shop terms; Working drawings; Detail drawings; Assembly drawings; Summary
Paper 11:Pictorial drawings; Isometric drawing
Paper 12:Oblique drawing; Perspective drawing; Methods of shading pictorial drawings; Exploded pictorial drawings
Paper 13:Introduction; Woodwork terms; Designing; Guiding the design process; Designing a foot-stool; Working assembly drawings; Bill of material
Paper 14:Foreword; Reproduction of drawings; Blueprint reading
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Module 3, Drafting and Design 11, version 01 (JDRF11C) ** 7540003480 $23.44EA
Paper 15:Patterns; Model construction; Parallel line development; Intersections
Paper 16:Radial line development; Development of a pyramid; Pattern of truncated pyramid; Development of a cone; Pattern of a truncated cone; Sheet metal terms and allowances
Paper 17:Introduction to topographic drafting; Terms used in topographic drafting; Surveying; Contours; Valley and ridges; Methods of drawing contours; Profiles; Map scales; Measuring irregular distances; Conventional topographic symbols
Paper 18:Architectural drawing; Construction details
Paper 19:Foreword; Architectural drafting; Floor plan; Foundation plan; Section; Elevations; Orientation; Plot plans; Perspective drawings; Making a perspective drawing
Paper 20:Foreword; Working drawings; Assembly drawings
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